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DLM Media Announce SIX Brand New Projects!

DLM Media are proud to announce the launch of 6 brand new project that we have just commissioned. Dave Morgan and Neal McAndrew will produce the projects, with Morgan also serving as director.

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It is with great pleasure that we can finally announce the 6 brand new projects that we will be bringing to you. The projects will be entering pre-production in mid November, 2018.

What are the Projects?

'Night Terrors', created by Dave Morgan.


A one off scientific based paranormal investigation will be conducted in one of the oldest and most historic buildings in Liverpool. With real scientific investigations under real scientific conditions, will the team be able to find clarity on the age old question: Do spirits walk among us.

[Cast & Crew T.B.C.].

'Presence' by Paul Kane.


A woman, stricken with grief, establishes contact with her late husband using the messaging service on his computer. Will she and her daughter be able to move on, with the paternal figure still being present.

Cast: Annabel Entress, [Others T.B.C.]

'Survivor' by Dave Morgan.


After 6 years of being trapped in the Late Cretaceous, will Ryan ever fix his time travel device and get himself home?

Cast: Dave Morgan.

'The Jinn' by [T.B.C.].


A father-son duo camping trip turns sour after a campfire story rings more true than they can imagine.

[Cast T.B.C.].

'Assumption' by Mario Labor and Dave Morgan & Neal McAndrew.


Katy is meandering through life, when a blind date she is sent on takes a dark turn, and reveals far more than is first anticipated.

[Cast T.B.C.].

'If These Walls Could Talk' by Dave Morgan.


1895: The Prime Minister has found himself in a sticky situation. The press have found out about his sexual wrong doings and are threatening to print the details. But as the PM begins to hear voices and senses Deja Vu, a surprising revelation comes to light which connects them to a TV crew.

[Cast T.B.C.].

"This company has been a big part of our lives for nearly a year and it is incredibly exciting that we are now in a position to be able to say that we have projects to promote, shoot and cultivate. We want to make this a company that stands for high quality content and a commitment to uphold and celebrate the best our local community have to offer. While the next few months will be busy ones I am positive that our unrivalled enthusiasm and relentless tenacity will see us through and onto the next chapter. 2019 is shaping up to be a big year and we hope you can all join us on the journey and discover what the results will be." - Dave Morgan, CEO, DLM Media.

"This has been months in the planning and to see this many projects so close to entering production is incredibly thrilling. Ever since we started this company we said to ourselves that we will operate on a firm belief that content and story will be paramount. Now we can safely say that we will be working towards a back catalogue that has enabled us to keep true to that very belief. Being new to this industry I have been overwhelmed by the acceptance of local film-maker and creatives alike in sharing our vision for our films, and I hope this paves the way for innovative and engrossing content that will make ourselves and our community proud." - Neal McAndrew, COO, DLM Media.

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